Creative and Media Diploma

Hi and welcome! This blog is designed to give you an insight into the Diploma qualification. We’ll share our weekly experiences with you.

Video for our ‘Campaign’ Unit

Today we completed our video for our campaign. We’ve worked with our local police officer to generate the ideas for this, now the NHS want to use it in their visits to schools!

I’ve really enjoyed this unit of work. Not only have I learnt to work better with people in my group, but I’ve developed a wide range of skills. I didn’t know how to create video, edit sound files, or how to compose music to have an effect on people’s emotions.

Me? Act? Not before this project! I’d always hidden behind the camera – I never wanted to be in front of it. I think I’ve developed skills as a ‘team worker’ and ‘creative thinker’ throughout this project. Hard work but great learning experience.

Video for the Diploma

It’s The Ruddy Future from Stephen Levin on Vimeo.